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About Tavanir :: Historical background of Electric Power Industry in Iran

Electric was introduced to Iran in 1279(H.sh)(1901), when a 12 H.P. 110 Volt electric power generator was installed at “Bala Khiaban” in Mashhad to Provide lighting for Emam Reza holly shrine. The first official permission for installation of electric power generator for public utilization of electricity was issued to an Iranian famous merchant known as Haj Hossain Agha Amin-al-zarb. This Merchant then has established the first public electric power service at Tehran in 1905.

Since that date, a few main streets of Tehran were electrified . At that date the Municipality of Teheran was responsible for provision, installation, repair and maintenance of street lighting installations and to do so an office has been established in Tehran manucipality known as “Office of Lighting” .

Then it was only in 1315 (H.Sh)(1937) that, the establishment of Electric Organization of Tehran Manucipality has been issued and the office of “Lighting” has been replaced by the Electric Organization which had to work independently under the supervision of Tehran manucipality.

In fact up to the year 1341 (H.sh)(1969) there was not an in dependent organization for management of electric affairs in the country, the decisions in this respect was made by the authorities of the Ministry for interior affairs and the budget and planning, organization then it was instructed to the manucipalities and private or public organizations who were in charge of electrical energy affairs in various cities.

As the demand for electricity has increased and generation and consumption of electricity have gone further than its previous limited utilization, particularly construction of Hydro electric power plant which has started in 1341 (1962), the Electric Power Industry has gained more momentum and need for establishment of an independent organization to handle electric power affairs in Iran became more pronounced.

Then in 1341 (1962) the Iran organization for electric power affairs was established .

Repide development of electric power industry in Iran has brought about the idea of establishing a Ministry for supply of water and electric power needed by the country and based on this idea the Ministry of water and power has been established on 22nd Esfand 1342 (1963) In Tir 1344(1965), the Act of developing non governmental electric power organization has received the approval of Majles Shori-e-meli and Majles-e-Sena, the parliamentary system of that time.

Based on the second article of the law for establishment of Iran organization for electric power affairs, in 1346(1967), the Ministry of water and power has been authorized to divide the country into several regions regardless of provincial divisions to accelerate the development of electric networks in the country. Such a division then necessitated the establishment of Regional Electric Companies in Iran.

In 1348(1979), Tavanir company was also established to undertake the responsibility for development of electric power generation, Transmission facilities and bulk Transaction of electricity with the Regional Electric Companies and Large industries.

On 28th Bahman 1353(1974), the responsibility for comprehensive energy planning and coordination of energy affairs in the country was released to the Ministry of Water and Power and this Ministry then was renamed as the Ministry of Energy. At the same year and the year after, there was some changes in the organizational mandate of Tavanir Company . After Islamic Revolution of Iran, due to quantitative and qualitative changes of the Electric Power Industry, as a result of new situations and revolutionary expectations the restructuring in the Electric Power Industry has become once again the center of interest and then in Mehr 1374(1989), Tavanir has been restructured and renamed under the name of Iran organization for Management of Electric Power Generation and Transmission (Tavanir) and the responsibilities of Deputy Minister for Power affairs has been put on this organization and the Managing Director of this new organization was in fact the Deputy Minister for Power affairs.

Eventually in session of the cabinet Minister dated 1381-9-27 (2001), based on the proposal of the Minister of Energy and approval of the organization for Management and planning of the country and the Ministry of Assets and economy affairs, Tavanir organization has undergone another restructuring process and its organizational mandate has experienced some alteration to promote it to its present organizational level known as specialized holding company responsible for Management of Generation , Transmission and Distribution of Electric Power in Iran (Tavanir).

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